Wind farms and building beauty

Justin Good at Design Observer discusses the aesthetics of wind farms, contrasting modern v. postmodern views on beauty using wind turbines as props. I'm attracted to what he says because Justin tries to honor the variety of ways we know, and in particular, because he wants to elevate the epistimol status of beauty. Here he makes a challenging point:

Modernism’s understanding of nature is autistic...

Beauty is a feeling, but feelings are objective and more precise than “thinking.” Feelings are not irrational reactions, but highly evolved ways of gathering information, knowledge and meaning from the environment. What we call thinking — linguistically-mediated inferential reasoning or reflection — is cumbersome in comparison to the countless ways our mind/body reads, and is read, by the ecosystem.

What's the big idea? We know more than we can tell. While the final outcome for the proposed wind turbines may be in doubt, the future of "body knowing" - embodiment (.pdf file) - is much less so (yes, I'm stretching to connect embodiment to phenomenal experience). Though the processes are far less developed than those used, for example, by mechanical engineers, designers are exploring (explorers are designing?) how through body knowledge and beauty we can fully experience our world.


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