Nobel Field: garden of glass

Information Aesthetics describes Nobel Field, featuring an interactive exhibit of past prize winners, which, as the designers intended, is strongly reminiscent of a garden.

Small Design Firm was selected to design and implement the installation. From the design firm's site:

This is Nobel Field, the centerpiece of the new Nobel Peace Center, a virtual garden grown from one hundred LCD displays planted among a thousand twinkling blades of LED grass. Each display honors the winner of a Peace Prize and reacts to the approach of a person, revealing the winner's story and philosophy.

...From its conception, the Nobel Peace Center aimed to be the realization of a new kind of museum: one where the message and words of the Nobel Laureates become both content and artifact. Grete describes her initial vision of the Center:

At a very early moment, Paul and I knew that the Laureates and their commitment had to be communicated in a way that appeals both to the emotions and to reason.

Save for a single Nobel Peace Prize medal, the entire content of the Center was created through digital technologies. It was our task to take the words of the Nobel Laureates and bring them to life.

I like the designers' appeal on behalf to the Laureates to "emotion and reason." When it comes to peace, the heart is both source and obstacle - and glass, I think, the perfect material.

Pictures of the installation are located here.