Who has the exclusive to our stories?

Here is a provocative readfrom PressThink, a blog by journalist and media critic, Jay Rosen.

Recalling an earlier encounter with CBS News President Andrew Heyward, Rosen invites him to contribute to PressThink, an invitation Heyward accepts. In his brief posting Heyward addresses the  ongoing transition of the news from an "era of omniscience" to a new era where multiple voices report and points of view are recognized. He believes that television news has an "authenticity problem."

Six responses to Heyward's brief entry are also provided.

Rosen believes that what's actually changing is the "view from nowhere," a sort of paternalism or cultural chauvinism that defies political labels like "left" and "right" and is tied to the outmoded idea that the business of journalism had the exclusive to our stories, and that the reporter existed outside the news dispassionately and objectively reporting the truth of the matter.

Now that individuals can produce the news, they and organizations -- like the ideaFestival -- can tell their own stories. How traditional media fits into this picture is being worked out in a messy back and forth in forums like Rosen's PressThink.