Generalism and business success

Creative Generalist links to a Business+Strategy article on the need for executives to be what Steve Hardy describes as generalists in order to identify trends important to business success. The key graf for me from "Sharpening Your Business Acumen:"

The ability to construct and act upon themental model of the big picture requires plenty of practice. The essence of the skill is to find patterns from among a wide variety of trends and to posit the missing ingredients that could catalyze convergence. Many great leaders began to practice this exercise when they were younger, in less complex contexts, and over the years they have developed the requisite skills and judgment (emphasis supplied).

The skill would appear to be a kind of equation solving, where what's left after removing all the essential elements is the catalytic element that will drive subsequent strategy. The process also reminds me abstraction as a thinking skill.

Thanks for pointing out the article Steve.


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