Idiagram visualizes knowledge

Now this is interesting. Concept consultant Idiagram renders conceptual knowledge -- not just data points -- visually, based on the idea that image-schema inform our mental models:

Ourconcepts about the world, our 'mental models', are based largely on 'image-schema'. Image-schema are the mental-images, the 'pictorial concepts', that we learn through our experience – through our bodily interaction – with the world.

According to the company, conceptual models should share these properties, attributes like being minimally complete (parsimony), salient, flexible and falsifiable.

Marshall Clemens sounds like my kind of guy, a conceptual entrepreneur who integrates art and science to make the complex meaningful. Unlike data visualizing, tying visual referents to conceptual meaning, rather than data points, isn't easy or certain. But I'd say he's got first mover advantage. I wish him much success.


Hat tip: Innovation Insider

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