"Serendipitor" will take you where you want to go - eventually

It's kind of like that first cab ride from the airport into a major urban center.

Artist and architect Mark Shepard has developed "Serendipitor," a downloadable app that will take you where you want to go - eventually. Art without Walls is bringing Shepard to the IdeaFestival as part of Creative Capitol.

Storyglot recently interviewed the artist about the value of being location-unaware.

Most location- and context-sensitive apps are about making things faster and more efficient. Serendipitor slows things down and disrupts the flow. Why do you think this is an important thing to do?

Computer science and engineering are practices that hold optimization and efficiency as important design challenges. And that’s all well and good when we’re talking about relatively instrumental applications of these technologies in urban environments. But artists frame questions in ways scientists and engineers do not, and when considering the implications of these technologies for urban life, one has to wonder what other criteria could be relevant. Who really wants a faster, seamless, more optimal and efficient life?

The best discoveries happen when we are not sure exactly where we are.

I hope to see you at the IdeaFestival!