Daniel Tammet on Sharp Cheese and Loud Shirts

In this engaging IF conversation Daniel Tammet helps us understand how similar non-savant and savant minds truly are. If you regularly use puns, metaphors and plays on words, your brain is creating unexpected connections that are quite complex, much like the savant brain does. Daniel also explains how biological "cross-sensing" - synesthesia - might be related to everyday language about "sharp" cheese and "loud" shirts.

Author of "Born on a Blue Day" and "Embracing the Wide Sky," Daniel was one of the many outstanding people at the IdeaFestival last year. Here is his IdeaFestival Conversation in which he talks about his life and insight. The latest IF Conversations may always be found on the festival's YouTube channel, IFTV.

For an extended look at Daniel speaking at last year's festival, check out this video.

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