Futures market for ideas

FC Now, the Fast Company blog, links to an International Herald Tribune article on a "conceptual market" used by the company Rite-Solutions to identify winning ideas:

five stocks are listed on the company's internal market, which iscalled Mutual Fun. Each stock comes with a detailed description - called an expect-us, as opposed to a prospectus - and begins trading at a price of $10. Every employee gets $10,000 in 'opinion money' to allocate among the offerings, and employees signal their enthusiasm by investing in a stock and, better yet, volunteering to work on the project. Volunteers share in the proceeds, in the form of real money, if the stock becomes a product or delivers savings.

The idea market apparently works. One conceptual stock, a three dimensional visualization technology for security personnel, now accounts for 30 percent of total company sales.

Looks like Creative Generalist is on the story too.