Hello Again

I've been absent for quite a while.  I lie awake at night thinking about what to write.  My ADHD doesn't allow me to compartmentalize any of the thoughts into nice, organized topics and so my mind races about trying to get some sense out of the various, seemingly unrelated ideas.  If I trace the stream-of-consciousness I'm sure I could find the thread that ties them all together.  Apparently I think in metaphors and maybe this post will mean absolutely nothing to those who choose to read it but if you do, I promise next time to have a real subject and not just my rambling, introductory post of blah, blah, blah.  I may write anything from the structures of Middle English to the fascinating vocals on Glee.  I may talk about the use of vampire fiction in the classroom (No Twilight please, I can't bear it) or the over-used use of "I" in inappropriate situations.  (This one may actually be my next post as it is driving me nuts)

Anyway, my name is Tina, I love linguistics, languages, Anne Rice, Chaucer, blackberries (the fruit not the phone), My Morning Jacket, The Rudyard Kipling, Louisville, idea festival, Absolutely Fabulous, kindle, iPhone, Disney movies, McDonald's unsweetened tea (the sweetened has way too many calories), long walks on the beach and reading.  I'm sure there are about 2000 more topics but hopefully those will be my fodder for the next year's posts.