I married the research and hallelujah! I'm so happy!

Don't you just love studies that link beauty to happiness and financial security? That broad shouldered, square-jawed man, that tall curvy model with the pouty lips have a lot be happy about, don't they? Well I guess that settles that.

May I share a secret with you?

I remember looking that monster data set full in its brown eyes on a June night in 1985 and catching my breath, or hearing it tell me 11 years ago at 2 am when I was hacking up some particularly bad seafood that "this too shall pass" - not funny at the time - or the time the multiple regression furtively took my hand under the table when no one else knew what was happening, or might happen, or even that the null value and I were a thing. The control and I settled on a name for our dog after watching an episode of As Time Goes By, and a name for our first son just because it just sounded perfect. We never told the lab. Many years from now, nearer the end or our days, I'm certain the spreadsheet will say it's been a pleasure to share adjoining cells. We summed near perfection.

Of course the data shows that beauty is linked to happiness and prosperity. Averages are like that. The mean couldn't possibly account for the life that research and I have shared - we've always had a thing for outliers.

I have to admit, we've strayed far from the plotted path.

The only thing I ask is that you don't tell metrics and measurements. They're always so jealous.