Love me for my left prefrontal cortex

If, as the recently concluded ETech conference suggested, attention is the normal respiration of the digital economy, then Scott Berkun has some concerns. Attention, he says in his blog, is a 100 percent human resource. We've developed -- and often respond to -- methods for gaining attention (I hope I'm doing that right now), but haven't made the same commitment to intimacy, those moments, Berkun says, that "refuse division."

Instead of "attention," Doc Searls, according to this Stowe Boyd post, substitutes "intention." It's what we "have in our hearts and minds that matters," which is another way of saying more meaning, please.

The clicks and whistles of digital life divert attention from the human connections that add depth and meaning to our lives. So I've got something to say to those future neurobusinesses that might be interested in tickling - not that there's anything wrong with that - the reptilian part of my brain: let's get to know one another first, mkay? Love me for my left prefrontal cortex.


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