Spleling Be Rescheduled

Some things just grow faster than anyone can expect. A combination of illness, the sweeping storms that have stranded the staff in Austin and the exploding popularity of The Spleling Be, means that today's bee at Al's Bar in Lexington is being rescheduled for March, 2 at Al's Bar. Same channel, different date.

And because we are expecting a huge crowd, we will limit sign-ups to 30 teams of three - first come, first served on the day of the event at Al's. Come early for all the morpheme madness. Wear your bee suit. At the conclusion of the March 2 bee, one lucky person will win an all-access pass to the hive mind at IdeaFestival 2011.

As always, please follow the IdeaFestival and The Spleling Be on Facebook and Twitter for the latest.