Triskaidekaphobic and loving it!

With 150 hecklers, 38 teams and several bee suits in attendance, the IdeaFestival presented its first "Spleling Be" on Thursday at Zanzabar in Louisville.

Yes, it's spelled correctly.

Encouraged because of the number in attendance to band together in teams, partnerships stepped to the microphone one after the other to spell words randomly chosen by the Emily Foerster, the originator of the bees. Were they not be able to immediately spell the word, team members could consult with each other - and ask as well for the definition of a word, its use in a sentence and its language of origin.

One mulligan, and only one, was available to teams if a member of the team wore a bee suit. Examples of those may be found on the festival's Facebook page.

After six rounds of morphemic carnage and creative heckling, the starting 38 teams were reduced to two. The winning tandem correctly spelled the word "triskaidekaphobia" - or the fear of the number thirteen - and then, unbelievably, was asked to spell the word backward.

OK, that last part was completely made up. But these guys were good.

If you missed the event at Zanzabar's, never fear. The next bee will be held this Wednesday 7:30-pm-10:30 pm at Al's Bar, corner of 6th and Limestone in Lexington. Check it out on Facebook. There is no charge to compete.

And bring your bee suit.