The IdeaFestival: Committed to your mental wealth

In our continuing commitment to your mental wealth, the festival presents a hemispheric doubleheader today - left and right.

Continuing its IF @ Lunch series, Bill Taylor, co-author of Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win, and, most recently, Practically Radical, will talk about game plans for game changers: "You can't do big things if you're content with doing things a little better than everyone else." Bill is also the co-founder of one of our favorite publications, Fast Company.

Registration is closed, but we might squeeze in one or two more if you happen to be downtown. Don't mention my name.

And tonight at Zanazabar's IF will for the first time present, The Spleling Be. You'll compete for an All-Access Pass to IdeaFestival 2011, a $50 gift certificate and a hand-made wooden trophy. Remember, it's "i" before "e," except after beer. Bring your bee suit. And please, let's not have any of this. That is all.