"i" before "e," except after beer

The terror, the nightmares, the cold sweats. We're here to help.

Presented by the IdeaFestival, Louisville's own The Spleling Be will help you combat the winter doldrums with beer, brains and unsteady and drawn out attempts at bachysyllabic. Unlike in elementary school, your competitors will be adults, and a couple of twists will make sure the events help you reach the word spelling potential Frau Henkelmeier so helpfully scared out of you. Wear a bee suit, for example, and get one round of immunity - and only one round - should you or your team make a mistake. Pairs will have a chance to put their heads together on the tough ones.

Two, beer will be available.

Participants in both of the upcoming bees in Louisville at Zanzabar, and in Lexington at Al's Bar, will compete for All-Access Passes to the IdeaFestival, a $50 gift certificate and a hand-made wooden trophy. 

Together we hope to take it to other cities before September, and though nothing has been finalized, we're exploring locations in Indianapolis, Bloomington, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Austin, New York, and Nashville. So rest up, study up and join us for either or both of the upcoming bees! Heckling is encouraged. Sesquipedalianism will be forgiven.

See you there!

Louisville bee:
Thursday, January 27th, 7:30pm-10:30 pm
Zanzabar, 2100 S. Preston Street
Louisville even on Facebook

Lexington bee:
Wednesday, February 2nd, 7:30-pm-10:30 pm (Al's Bar, corner of 6th and Limestone in Lexington)
Lexington event on Facebook

Cost: Free

Emily Foerster