Innovative rest

Rob May passed on to me a complementary copy of More Space: Nine Antidotes to Complacency in Business, which I'm digging into now. Thanks Rob!

One essay that grabbed me immediately was "Breakthrough Experiences" by Lisa Haneberg.

While describing the nature of breakthrough experiences she mentioned a weekly routine she has during which she makes five requests designed to move projects forward. Bottom line: it's silly to avoid making requests because you're afraid of not getting what you want. You're already not getting what you want!

Most of all she stresses that we are what we think. Having more breakthrough moments will many times depend on changing our circumstances. For example, she lists an over-reliance on logic, "schools of thought" and too much work as breakthrough inhibitors.

By that she means if it's not working, stop. Sometimes the most innovative thing we can do is take a break. It's amazing what connections are made when we're at rest, not consciously thinking about a problem.