Video: Quantified depression, happier dividend

Sometimes, a little personal science can go a long ways.

Joking that it felt a little bit like attending an AA meeting, Jon Cousins talks about his decades-long and hidden bouts with depression as the inspiration for Moodscope, a social site where users can track their mood and share their stats with friends. Following a medical diagnosis of depression and potential bi-polar disorder, and nearing desperation, he was inspired to begin gauging his mood so that he could accurately report to his psychiatrist three months hence about his state of mind.

In addition to the enormously helpful data that he was able to generate in preparation for that meeting, he points out in this video from the Quantified Self blog that the mere act of tracking and sharing such data often has the effect of lifting mood - for the early adopters, about two-thirds see a 25 percent improvement in the first few weeks. For him, tracking and sharing his moods has enabled him to avoid medication.

With projects that monitor things media diet and a growing number of devices like pedometers to support the quantified life, many people find it easier to life log, to tackle personal challenges and to avoid easy self deception. Cousins has found that while the numbers don't lie, they're made true in the sharing.

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Jon Cousins - Moodscope from Kiel Gilleade on Vimeo.