New Big Bang study points to time before time

"What happened before the big bang?" may be more than a rhetorical question according to a new statistical analysis of remnant energy from the Big Bang called the cosmic microwave background. Rather than a beginning of time, the analysis suggests that the background bears the fingerprints of even earlier epochs.

Barely warmer than absolute zero, the background radiation was mapped earlier this decade by the space borne observatory WMAP, and is currently being studied by the space telescope Planck.

Famed cosmologist Roger Penrose believes that other bangs, and other universes, preceded ours. 

'I claim that this aeon is one of a succession of such things, where the remote future of the previous aeons somehow becomes the Big Bang of our aeon.'

This "conformal cyclic cosmology" (CCC) that Professor Penrose advocates allows that the laws of nature may evolve with time, but precludes the need to institute a theoretical beginning to the Universe.

The full BBC piece is here.


CC image: Synbios