Biomechatronics: Better than original equipment?

Appearing in this GOOD Look video, MIT Associate Prof. Hugh Herr talked at length during the IdeaFestival in September about his role in developing technologies to make the lives of many people better, memorably saying, "should I have accepted the technology I was presented with after my legs were amputated?"

Biomechatronics, the field he has pioneered since losing both legs below the knees in a mountaineering accident many years ago, seeks to replace lost mobility or to augment diminished functionality with technology that may soon improve on the original equipment.

He pointed out near the conclusion of his talk that he wouldn't take back his biological limbs today, even if he could.

Images of Hugh Herr and many other people and presenters at the 2010 IdeaFestival in the Flickr pool. I encourage you to check them out.