Video: "Divergent thinking" essential to creativity

Relevant History posts this video narrated by Sir Ken Robinson, whose TED appearance is among most popular ever according to the views of his video.

In it, Robinson drives home the idea on which the IdeaFestival is based: "divergent thinking" is essential to the process of developing ideas with value, and that moreover, as we move through school - a school system built, by the way, for a particular time and to reward a particular kind of thinking - we become increasingly less creative with age. According to Robinson, it's as if we've been told there is one answer, and "it's at the back [of the book]. Don't look."

"We simply have to think differently about human capacity."

If you enjoy the graphic presentation of Robinson's ideas, check out the Kat Gentner's renditions of the presentations of the presenters at the 2010 IdeaFestival available in the Flickr pool.