Templeton awards cosmologist


Cosmologist and mathematician John D. Barrow, who will be speaking at the next ideaFestival in October, on Wednesday won the prestigious Templeton Prize. The prize awards progress in the research and discovery of spiritual realities.

In prepared remarks, Barrow said:

Astronomy has transformed the simple-minded, life-averse, meaningless universe of the sceptical philosophers. It breathes new life into so many religious questions of ultimate concern and never-ending fascination. Many of the deepest and most engaging questions that we grapple with still about the nature of the universe have their origins in our purely religious quest for meaning. The concept of a lawful universe with order that can be understood and relied upon emerged largely out of religious beliefs about the nature of God.

A very nice summary of his work appears on the Templeton Prize biography page. And be sure to read the full text of his prepared remarks.

John Barrow is also the author of "The Artful Universe" and "The Infinite Book: A Short Guide to the Boundless, Timeless and Endless."


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