Philippe Petit - "Don't look for a solution, look at the problem"

Not one to let a little engineering get between him and his goals, magician, juggler and famed wirewalker Philippe Petit charmed IdeaFestival audiences last week with his approach to life and his often ingenious solutions to problems associated with his iconic art.

It just takes a sideways look, a different perspective. Some quotes to that effect and their sources:

'We should have courses in intuition in university because it is a great force.'

'When I wire walk, I link two things with my wire that could possibly have been enemies and for a time are at peace.' - Brad Bigelow

'It's a joy to solve a problem. When you have a problem, don't look for solution, look at the problem. The answer is behind its face.' - Ellen McGirt

'Fear is a lack of knowledge.' - Ellen McGirt

'A ladder is two posts that has a festival of holes - think space, not rungs.' - Ellen McGirt

Here, he signed autographs following his presentation - and for quite some time.


Photo by Chuck Heeke. This image and many others can be found in the 2010 Flickr pool.