Dom Sagolla - That memo is a memes to an end

Image: Chuck Heeke

Illustrating how lightweight, first-to-market tools can make a difference, Dom Sagolla - co-creator of Twitter - discussed how simplicity is being turned into an app this afternoon at the 2010 IdeaFestival.

From the digital banding together of Twitter users, who set their country status to "Iran" so that authorities would have to wade through meaningless tweets to locate protesters that might be communicating inside the country, to a digital-word-of-mouth campaign that is working to end the sexual enslavement of young woman and children, fast, simple communications ideas are changing the world.

That dashed off note? It's a memes to an end.

Applying that ethic to an audience interested in his story as one of the co-creators of Twitter, he offered this advice.

When you are evaluating an idea, think of how you can limit it. Can it be done with just one other person? Less code? Less screen real estate? From a business point of view, going to market like this also limits risk.

Is it fun, do you want it use personally? What is the simplest iteration of that? Is it social?

Those rules may have been crystallized when he was laid off at Twitter. Dom decided that "If I couldn't be an engineer or developer, I'd be the best user I could possible be."