Hugh Herr: "We're all augmented now"


Describing the technology from mobiles to the glasses worn by members of the audience, Dr. Hugh Herr paused and said "we are all augmented now," and resumed his argument for the beneficial merger of synthetic technology and the biology nature has provided. He stopped. "Would you like to see my legs?" Tugging at the top of his pants and pointing to the intelligent silver limbs that had been taking him gracefully from one side of the stage to the other in the past hour he asked rhetorically, "should I have accepted the technology I was presented with after my legs were amputated?"

Even if he could get his old limbs back, he wouldn't. The legs are his creation, he explained. Many years later, they're a part of his identity. Besides, he added, "I can get upgrades."


Image: Geoff Oliver Bugbee.