Thivals was "mind bending, future focused"

Featuring participants such as music industry pioneer and renaissance man Howard Bloom, Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura of Start Trek fame) David Robinson (son of baseball trailblazer Jackie Robinson), NPR newscaster Lakshmi Singh, who conducted some interviews on stage, the Wondaland Arts Society and artist and Metropolis resident Janelle Monae, Thrivals was described as "mind bending, future focused." And so it was.

Here are some terrific pictures from the day taken by the talented Geoff Oliver Bugbee, who contributed these images to the 2010 IdeaFestival Flickr pool.

Nichelle Nichols discussed her experiences being cast as Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek series. She recounted meeting Dr. Martin Luther King, who, saying "he was her biggest fan," urged her not to return to the stage - as she had planned - and leave the series.

Did you know that she read for the role of Spock?

The breakout artist from Metropolis and the Wondaland Arts Society, Janelle Monae talked about her experiences in the music industry, about defining your core values before they are defined for you, and finding people "that you can fail in front of." Wondaland described the dance of bees when they have news to share, and asked what's your "waggle?"

Howard Bloom's unease with childhood contemporaries enabled him to connect meaningfully with many of the incredible and talented artists he later brought to the public as a music executive.


The son of Jackie Robinson, David Robinson now lives in Tanzania, growing and marketing "Sweet Unity" coffee. Asked in a question after his talk about his inheritance from his trailblazing father, he said he had been left millions - and paused before adding, in vision.