Diavolo - "'Swan Lake,' it's not"

Called "crash and burn choreography" in a review by the New York Times just last week, Diavolo is known for its use of massive sets, contemporary themes and a muscular style of dance.

The force behind the troupe, Jacques Heim, who explained in a prior appearance at the IdeaFestival that he was invited to take dance classes by friends because no one could understand his heavily accented English and through dance, "he wouldn't have to speak," now choreographs jaw-dropping movement. Having taken in Diavolo's 2008 IdeaFestival appearance - see this favorite image from Geoff Oliver Bugbee's 2008 images - I can tell you that it was a wise decision.

With this kind of imagination, who needs words?

His latest piece, “Fearful Symmetries” - set to this music of the same name - will make its debut Sept. 9 at the Hollywood Bowl, and soon thereafter, at the IdeaFestival.

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