Life in the vivarium: The carnivorous lampshade

A reference to "acoustic botany" in BLDG BLOG reminded me yesterday that the imaginative and incredibly talented designer Stefan Sagmeister will be attending the IdeaFestival this year to discuss design and its future.

Lately, designers have been staging interventions.

And while a botanical redo that favors plants that sing over, say, plants that snap, might seem like scant improvement over mother nature, as the entry at BLDG BLOG points out, we've been tinkering with landscapes for as long as cultivation has been practiced.

That's the thing about design, according to Sagmeister. Unlike art, design must work.

In a Little Shop of Horrors-meets-Tim Burton moment of inspiration, designer James Auger describes in this LIFT '09 video how he might re-purpose the domestic appliance into something akin to the Pitcher plant. A carnivorous lampshade that attracts and digests flies to generate power? Well, alrighty.

The good bits start at the 9:30 mark.