Victor Kemper shares film insights

Last night the ideaFestival Institute as a part of its fall Filmmakers Lab in Louisville, Kentucky held an event featuring Victor J. Kemper the award winning cinematographer of over 25 movies including Dog Day Afternoon, Hospital, Coma, Magic,The Candidate and Slap Shot. It was great evening with Victor sharing with the over 250 attendees his insights on shooting movies, the creative process involved in filmmaking, and his career. Moderating the event and conversation was Michael Blowen the former film critic for The Boston Globe.Victor stressed, despite the importance of good cinematography, it's the idea, story and screenwriting that ultimately make a great film. This seems to me to extend to so many things. Good packaging no matter what the product can't make up for mediocre "content". It was a perfect event---entertaining and thought provoking all at the same time.

Kris Kimel