Bob Berman - Time and space "a turtle shell"

Science popularizer and the "Strange Universe" columnist for Astronomy magazine, Bob Berman spoke on "biocentrism" at the 2009 IdeaFestival.

He explains in this brief interview following his presentation that "time and space are tools of animal perception," and that any unified and complete physical theory will need to incorporate the observer.

Referencing the discovery that either the position, or velocity of a particle - but not both - can be known, astrophysicist and professor at CalPoly Pomona, Suketu Bhavsar disagreed on video with Berman, suggesting that the strange phenomenon seen, for example, in the double slit expermiment has a rather more mundane explanation.

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In 2010, theoretical physicist and author of the book "From Eternity to Here," Sean Carroll, will present his thoughts on the ever popular subject of time. Don't miss it!