Dom Sagolla: "I'm always learning how to be an entrepreneur"

Don Sagolla, one of the co-creators of Twitter and a presenter at IdeaFestival 2010, says "he's always learning how to be an entrepreneur" in this brief interview from the BBC. His advice: "The simpler you make your idea, the easier it is... to understand the market and get it out there".

Along with many other accomplished and talented people like "Born on a Blue Day" author and prodigious savant Daniel Tammet, "Push" author Sapphire (see the video in the post below), theoretical physicist and author of "From Eternity to Here" Sean Carroll and co-producer of such movies as Titanic and Avatar, Jon Landau - Sagolla will be at IdeaFestival 2010. "Insider Passes" are on sale through tomorrow. On July 9, the price for an all-access pass will increase.