Born to Adorn? Desire, Display and Design

The always interesting experience design blog Putting People First today highlights the "Premsela Lecture," in which Harvard Psychologist Nancy Etcoff connects fashion to her particular expertise, the nexus between neuroscience and psychology.

One attention grabbing quote from the lecture, available online:

Dress informs and misinforms, reveals and conceals. Our unclothed and unadorned bodies speak plainly, but once dressed, they are vivid and vociferous, varied and variable, clever and persuasive. Dress turns our attention to what is desirable, and flaunts it, fakes it or overstates it.

Or, how about this one from Karl Lagerfeld:

If you want social justice, be a civil servant. Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair.

"Born to Adorn: Why We Desire, Display and Design" concludes "with a call to designers to use science to push fashion further in its enhancement of human well-being," according to the blog.

Geoff Oliver Bugbee shot this image of fashion designer Karen Walker making similar connections at the 2007 IdeaFestival. "Insider Passes" to see this year's thought leaders are now on sale