SXSW: Cluetrain and knowing

Luke Wroblewski at Functioning Form offers several bulleted items related to the SXSW session "Cluetrain: Seven Years Later." Among the many points, this one, the first bullet, caught my eye:

Open source is the demand side supplying itself.

And a little later:

The larger trend is independence. We are completing the enlightenment that was interrupted by industrial revolution.... 

Like a lot of people, I've been influenced by The Cluetrain Manifesto. Its description of the digital conversation moves me, not because I have a special interest in markets, but because it goes to the heart of knowing. Notions of justification and warrant are bound up in this new conversation, which has obvious -- to me, anyway -- epistemol builds. So I wonder, for example, whether we're entering an age of immaterialism and whether widespread knowing will be qualitatively different in the future, particularly if the notion of free will is erased.

I had not read Functioning Form until I went looking for SXSW event blogging. Since I believe design adds to knowledge, it wasn't long before I added the feed to my reader. Good stuff there.


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