SXSW: crowd wisdom, not group think

Luke Wroblewski at Functioning Form breaks down a SXSW "crowd wisdom" presentation. It's helpful to me, having just written that some are not satisfied with wise sites like Tech.Memorandum and Digg. Skeptical that crowd wisdom can be achieved by algorithm, Nicholas Carr, for example, sees a continuing role for mindful editing.

Blogging what James Surowiecki had to say at SXSW, Luke Wroblewski writes:

The reason collective intelligence can arrive at a good decision is that every individual in the group has some piece of information about the solution as well as some misconceptions or incorrect assumptions (my emphasis).

Surowiecki says there must be, among other things:

  • A flat playing field
  • many cognitive biases and
  • some insulators that afford true individuality and protect individuals from peer pressure.

Check it out for yourself.


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