"Lunch with IF,Win one All-Access Pass to IF'10

False_color_Cassini_image_of_jets_in_the_southern_hemisphere_of_EnceladusYour mother never had this in mind when she told you to eat your vegetables.

On April 2, join IF at the Kentucky Center for lunch and a lively discussion on the origins, distribution and future of life in the universe with noted astronomer, science writer and blogger Pamela Gay, futurist and U of L business professor Nat Irvin and U of L biologist and author Lee Dugatkin.

Lunch will be provided.

Explore a range of fascinating topics, including whether a second Earth may be discovered among the many hundreds of other planets now popping into view, and startling recent discoveries that the basic elements for life, such as water, are scattered throughout our solar system.

What is life? Would we even know it if we saw it?

The panel will be moderated by IF founder Kris Kimel. Click here to register for the limited seating for this event!

And to prove that one big idea opens the door to many others, one random winner from Lunch with IF attendees will receive an All-Access Pass to the 2010 IdeaFestival!


Image of Enceladus geysers: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute