The consumer will see you now

Robert Young, guest blogging for Om Malik, makes a prediction about where current technology trends are going. He believes that consumers will ultimately have near total power in the form of a "console for consumer control," which he abbreviates to "C3." He uses MySpace, for example, where it appears every teenager on the planet has congregated.

Every media and technology company on the planet, both old and new,will eventually all be battling each other for presence on these millions of C3s. The way I see it, C3s represent the killer app and the end-game for the alphabet soup (e.g. XML, RSS, AJAX, etc.) that is Web 2.0, and the early adopters this time are proving to be the teenagers (just like I grew up with the PC in my most formative years, these kids are the first generation to grow up with the Internet).

Young asks if MySpace can be beaten. A lot of really bright people are trying to figure out how. If you're interested in consumer technology trends and business, bookmark Om Malik -- or better yet, take the feed.


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