Innovative scene stealers

Tom Kelley, who has written a book called "The 10 Faces of Innovation," will be guest hosting on Fast Company's web log, FC Now, next week.
Fast Company has excerpted parts of his book in its most recent issue. 
Kelley believes that in order to get innovative ideas off the ground, you have to be ready for the idea wreckers, who in the name of playing devil's advocate, will raise worst case scenarios after an idea is first presented. Devil's advocates play a role. They steal the scene. But by assuming roles like the "Archeologist," the "Set Designer" and the "Hurdler," individuals can defend ideas that may not be fully developed or are out of the mainstream.
It's a playful idea with a serious purpose. If innovation is the lifeblood of creative organizations, then innovative ideas need a fair hearing after that initial, pregnant, pause.
Kelley should know about the importance of innovation. He is the general manager of Ideo, a world class industrial design shop with customers around the globe.
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