Can the mind fully understand itself?

Nature reviews what looks to be an interesting new book by Dr. Susan Blackmore, called Conversations on Consciousness. She interviews 21 leading scientists and philosophers about the issues related to consciousness, and in particular, the so-called "hard problem," which is: how do neural processes create subjective experience, what each of us experience in the first person?

Though Nature calls the book the "intellectual analog of speed dating" because of its quick pace and lack of answers, I don't find that troubling. Given the complexity of issues -- What is self? Is there free will? Can we, using only our minds, fully understand the mind? -- I'm just glad Dr. Blackmore talks to philosophers as well as scientists. Both have a lot to contribute to the discussion.

I wish I could link to the Nature book review, but it's not available online. Google the book title or use the Amazon link above for more information. I've added it to my growing reading list.


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