Video: Paul Osterlund is confronting water scarcity with a remarkable idea

In a stirring second act, retired Intel engineer Paul Osterlund istaking on the problem of global water scarcity with a remarkable biodegradable corn-starch granule. As demonstrated at the IdeaFestival, a teaspoon will hold an entire LITER of water, and when incorporated near roots, will absorb and release plant-sustaining moisture over a period of months for farmers who depend upon seasonal rains for their crops.

This remarkable technology is already making a difference where it has been used.

You can help. Please consider a $5 donation at The ChangeXchange or a direct investment in the Abundance Farming Project. As an investor in this initial Butterfly Capital project, you will have access to field data collected and made available by Paul so that you may see for yourself how your small investment can make a very positive change.

Please help Paul help farmers grow their way to food and economic security.