Time machine commissioned

Having completed an initial first light survey on August 27 from its vantage point at L2, Planck will operate continuously for the next 15 months, making two surveys of the skies to produce maps of the Cosmic Microwave Background, a relic of the Big Bang that fills every corner of the universe. In order to register the vanishingly faint remnant heat of CMB, the instrumentation for this time machine has been cooled to almost absolute zero.

Planck will add to our knowledge of the size and shape of the universe, as well as our understanding of dark matter and dark energy, the little-understood stuff that makes up about 96 percent of the matter-energy of the Eden.

Along with a cast of fascinating thinkers and creators, astronomer and "Biocentrism" author Bob Berman will be speaking at the IdeaFestival next week. I hope to see you in Louisville!