ETech theme: less is more

ETech, the emerging technology conference, is underway and according to the O'Reilly, its corporate parent, the welcome talks up a favorite theme of mine: in an age of abundance, less is more.

This year's theme is the Attention Economy. [Rael] Dornfest noted thatthere is an abundance of available data now, 'the data web is incredible' and effectively dealing with it is becoming increasingly important. We've also got information overload in our personal applications and Dornfest showed a screen montage of the varioius inboxes and newsfeeds and calendars and buddy lists and to-do lists on stickies that lived on his desktop, and I think most of us in the audience could relate. I know I felt my stress level rising. Then he switched to a blank blue screen, and we collectively sighed a breath of relief.

'Attenuation is the next aggregator,' predicted Dornfest. 'I think there are some great businesses to be built on giving you less.'

Rael Dornfest is the program chair for ETech and the CTO of O'Reilly Media.

Give me less. And don't be a blabbermouth.

Words to live by.


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