WHAM! That's new

At the always interesting Sputnik Observatory, Will Wright makes the connection between play and the insight that can flower in the presence of an activity or framework, like a game, capable of nurturing it. The creative activity - the development of understanding - is bottom up. Similarly, in this Long Now Foundation talk, in which Brian Eno contributes an accompanying and wonderfully elastic musical score, Wright identifies bottom up creation at work in biology, music (of course), math and psychology.

He also offers a wonderful take on science early in the video that got me to thinking.

It takes all the world's data - what we can see and touch and observe - and compresses it into the most elegant rule set possible.

Nice. From dazzlingly complex information, science in other words, makes meaning. The thought is this: that iterative, participatory process that is also the foundation of the IdeaFestival, which rewards an openness to data offered by rich creators and fascinating innovators before it suggests to you a previously hidden answer (or better yet a question you never thought to ask) two minutes and forty-six seconds after the curtain falls and your mind turns to lunch or dinner or the friends you planned to meet. Wham!

I never thought of it like that.