The Quest

[Sometime contributor to the blog, Tina Rose will participate in the "Power lunch" at this year's festival.]

This time of year is always busy for me whether I'm at work or on vacation. This year I decided to have a staycation and spend the entire time processing/canning my blackberries, plums and various vegetables. I admit I am not one that people would ever assume takes the role of organic, blackberry farmer. But when I discovered a large patch on our property about 4 years ago, suddenly my mother's spirit descended and inspired me to SAVE THE BERRIES! Alas, little did I know that the berries would not give up anything easily. The branches have thorns, the leaves have thorns, the thorns have thorns and so the quest to gather the luscious, sweet fruit becomes a battle with the elements. But as with any quest, the journey is half the battle and makes the reward that much sweeter.