Tagging Kentucky

Augmented reality, the ability to pair current Web data with live video is being adapted for smart phones. See, for example, this video of an iPhone app. But as Fast Company reports, the technology might be about to take a leap forward, giving individuals the ability to add their own data, called tags, to real-world objects:

Metaio's code lets users leave AR notes, Tweets, images or even 3-D animations tagged to real world places, using a mix of geotagging, smartphone cameras and other Location-Based Service techniques. Other users, when viewing the world through a Metaio-enabled AR smartphone browser, would be able to discover the tag--and can even share it via a Facebook plugin.

Written down, this just sounds simplistic, useless and kind of geeky. Who'd want to tag a place with their picture or, as the video shows, a flapping dragon? Give it five to ten years, with more ubiquitous smartphone use, and I'd suggest the answer to that question is pretty much most people.

Watching this video, I wonder how would people tag Kentucky?

The music, in case you were wondering: Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene