The Future of Money

Stowe Boyd has begun a new series on the future of money that interviews a variety of people about what makes for an effective currency. Dull? Hardly. The lineup of interview subjects looks perfectly normal - if you've ever attended an IdeaFestival. Boyd:

I am launching a new interview series examining the future of money. I plan to be talking with all sorts of people: artists (like today's Christian Nold), futurists (like Jamais Cascio), writers (Bruce Sterling interview later this week, and Steven Berlin Johnson in the near future), economists, philanthropists, and all sorts of other people interested in where this is headed.

Having grown from about 100 to over 4,000, "complimentary currencies" could be one future.

Boyd also interviews Christian Nold, an artist, who, like former IdeaFestival speaker and physicist Dirk Brockmann, experiments with money-as-media. To demonstrate our social and emotional connection to it, Nold tracks our biological and emotional responses to create an "emotional cartography".

Check out the series if you get the chance.

Hat tip: Putting People First