Emotional thinking: a childlike intelligence

Ethan Zuckerman said he was going to blog TED2006, but 19,000 words?! See his blog, my heart's in accra, for the whole list of posts. I'll just point out one -- Dance, Sir Ken Robinson, dance! resonates with me as the father of two just starting school.

Saying "Robinson’s goal is to help us recognize the intelligence children actually have and help them make something of it:"

Robinson tells us that the young woman [who would later become a famous ballerina] these days, would likely be diagnosed as having ADHD, as she didn’t concentrate in her classes. Taken to see an educational specialist, the psychologist was smart enough to leave the room, turn on the radio, and let the young girl dance. He told her parents, “Jilien isn’t sick - she’s a dancer”. She went on to a dance school, joined the Royal Ballet and has choreographed most of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musicals. Nowadays, we would give her medication and tell her to calm down.

The goal is not simply to "educate children from the waist up," but to help them make the most of their intellectual gifts, whether it be in arts, humanities or sciences, by honing their creative abilities as well.

Sir Ken Robinson is the author of what looks to be an interesting book on creativity, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative (I have not read it), that is critical of current educational methods. It sounds very much like a thoroughly interesting book called Sparks of Genius that I mentioned last fall. Among other things, Sparks of Genius argues that creative thinking is "pre-verbal, intuitive and emotional."


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