"US Now"

Featuring commentary from digitalist Clay Shirky, "US Now" documents a new form of organization that values transparency and self-direction, and is taking market capitalism in an entirely new direction. With low barriers to entry and almost zero cost for the exchange of information, networked communities challenge 20th century models of organization and value creation, which tended to hierarchically hoard power and information. In other words, the value produced came at a substantial cost in personal autonomy. And transparency? Not so much.

Left unanswered economically: Will this still-developing model of participation make it more likely that by doing good one might also do well? Left unanswered governmentally: how many services now provided by government will move into the public realm as people are able to take and implement common decisions?

If after watching the video all this sounds a bit suspicious, fear not. Wire-archies don't subvert authority, they just expose it.

Us Now from Banyak Films on Vimeo.

Hat tip: Putting People First