Pioneering Gastronomes Bring Miracle Fruit to Louisville, And You're Invited

Got fond blindfold-bound memories ofthe IF 2008 Lights Out Dinner series? Then you might be interested in the food-and-fun exploits of Jo Self, a Louisville entrepreneur who calls herself the Bon Vivant Savant.

Self has been staging meet-ups and themed dinners around town for the past couple of years, and an upcoming BVS dinner may have some special appeal for diners who enjoyed the IF blindfold experiences last year at Asiatique, the Mayan Cafe, and the Patron.

On Monday, May 18, BVS is offering a dinner that places Miracle Fruit at center stage. Miracle Fruit is a berry with taste-altering properties. Chew one for a couple of minutes, and for the next hour everything else you taste takes on Alice in Wonderland dimensions. What’s supposed to be sweet is sour, what’s supposed to be sour is sweet, icy’s hot, and fiery lacks all heat.

It’s a first for Louisville, and promises to push the town a little further out into the foodie frontier.

You can make reservations at the Bon Vivant Savant's website, at the link above.

David Mudd