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Art on Deadline: Turkish artist transforms Courier-Journal's front page

Taking a decidedly unexpected approach to the news, the Louisville Courier-Journal took on a whole new look recently. A project of artwithoutwalls, it turned the front page of the newspaper into an unexpected and very accessible work of art. Artdaily.org:

'Part artistic supercollider, part public forum, part creative playground, artwithoutwalls is dedicated to the idea that art can have a vital role in everyone’s life,' said artwithoutwalls Director Alice Gray Stites. 'Working with [Turkish artist] Serkan Ozkaya and The Courier-Journal exemplifies our mission to integrate contemporary art into the fabric of the everyday. The locations of our projects may range from exhibition spaces to websites to public parks, construction sites, athletic fields, riverfronts, and rail yards, but wherever our projects take place, artwithoutwalls will change how people interact with art and provide surprising perspectives on the world around us.'

Hat tip: PossibilityCity