Creativity an act of defiance

I'm currently reading Twyla Tharp's book, "The Creative Habit", who helpfully points out that one way to think of creativity is as a challenge to the status quo. Creativity is an act of defiance.

Beethoven, the most truculent of artist, not only picked fights with musical forms, reinventing our notions of the shape and scope of symphonies and sonatas, he reinvented how society regarded composers and musicians. Before Beethoven, composers were treated like skilled servants; they were paid whatever their rich and royal patrons wanted to pay. Beethoven changed all that. He demanded and got lucrative fes for his services, and was one of the first composers to dine with his hosts rather than with the help when he performed in his patrons' homes. I don't think he could operate as an artist without the feeling that he was at war with someone or something.

She appeared at the 2004 IdeaFestival.