All things Irish

Those who know me know I love Irish music. When I was in Graduate School I decided to do a historical analysis of the Irish Language. (Warning: If you didn't grow up in Ireland speaking Irish, or in Scotland speaking a Scottish Gaelic, or Nova Scotia speaking Gaelic, don't try to learn Irish.) Anyway, there are many forms of Irish music and Irish dance that you may not have seen or heard, so in this posting I will give you a chance to be Irish'd.

Let's start with something simple and comfortable like The Chieftains. You'll notice that their discography goes back SEVERAL years and you'll find them playing with lots of wonderful musicians. Their music is the epitome of Irish music and a good introduction if you've never heard a fiddle. They also did a song with my boyfriend Sting.

Another long standing Irish group that has a more 1980's/synthesizer/Irish/green fields, fairies and mists-along-the-road kind of sound, is Clannad. They had a commercial in the 90's for some car and they did the music for the uber cool show Robin of Sherwood. Their music can go from traditional to modern and they are a good choice if you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Related to Clannad both musically and genetically is Enya. Like her sister, the lead singer of Clannad, she manages to keep the beautiful sound of the Irish language while making music that you want to listen to despite the fact that you can't understand a word she's saying.

And after you've managed to browse through these, take a chance and jump to THIS. If it takes a minute to load, WAIT. I promise you will not be disappointed. Ashley McIsaac is a most precocious fiddle player. He literally shreds his bow like a hard rock guitar player shreds a guitar. I've never found another punk, Irish fiddle player that can match his skill. And while you're getting a taste of that, look at the new show with Irish dancer James Devine.

And that my friends is your introduction to cool Irish stuff. Have a Guinness and listen to this and remember to wear green. Sláinte.